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When we learn the truth, we should stop supporting those who have lied to us no matter how appealing their story, how exciting their data, or how much we wish it to be true.
Kevin Randle to UpDates (16 Dec 2001)
Secret KGB UFO Files - the real story
   In  our days,  there are many hoaxes.  But l'll focus  this page  on the film 
The Secret KGB UFO Files  because this footage about the alleged crash 
of a UFO  near  Sverdlovsk  in  1968,  was in the center  of a very  sharp 
discussion in the ufological society, and there are some so called ufologists 
defending this film till now.
   It is a chance or an occasion, I don't know, but this film is a very good 
test for the integrity of our own mind. For the honesty also.
J.A.Huneeus:   Since the publication of my January 1999 column on "The Secret KGB UFO Files" broadcast  by TNT  in September 1998,  every  new  item  uncovered confirms that the so-called KGB  crashed UFO  and alien autopsy footage is a  one-hundred-percent  hoax.
  The main  investigator of this pseudo-TV documentary is the Moscow  researcher  Boris Shurinov, one of Russia's veteran ufologists and author of two books (one in Russian,  the other  in French)  about UFOs in Russia. I've met Boris twice, at the International UFO Symposium in San Marino, and also at the 1999 UFO Congress at the University of Santiago in Chile, where he denounced the Roger Moore KGB hoax. (J.A.Huneeus, “UFO Chronicle”, FATE, November 2000, p. 8-9)
  (Our third and fourth meetings were in San Marino in 2000-2001. - BSh)
G.Bourdais:   Boris made a perfectly good investigation  on the TNT hoax, and exposed it publicly - twice in Italy.  The first time, it was at a conference in Cagliari, Sardinia.  He was sharply denounced as a KGB man by Italian ufologist Maurizio Baiata,  who had the rights of the video for Italy.  Nevertheless, Boris did it again in San Marino  in 1999. ( I repeated it in Santiago, in 1999. - BSh)
  I would like to know the opinion of Paul Stonehill on that TNT video. Does he believe it? Has he investigated on it? (like all Russian  would  be wise to do). (UpDates, Gildas Bourdais, 6 Jan 2001.)
P.Stonehill:   I stand by my words. As for my TNT appearance, I will repeat what I stated before:  independent researchers need to examine this film. And I do not consider the film a hoax - it is too early to render any final judgement.  I gave a prolonged interview to the producers; they took whatever they deemed useful. I was not too excited about it, yet,  I still think we should examine it  before rendering judgements. But you have to have the film in your hands to examine it and we do not.  Yes, other Russian researchers have challenged the film, and  Shurinov's interpretation of it. And  they are still investigating  it -  Mr. Kutovoy,  and others. (UpDates, P.Stonehill, 7 Jan 2001.)
   Paul Stonehill is lying as usual: in Russia nobody challenged Shurinov's sentence.
   Yes, sentence, there is no place for "interpretation", as you will see it below. As far as A.Kutovoy (from Lithuania) is concerned, I'll show to you
his personal role in the hoax. 
United States.    On  Sunday,  September 13,  1998,  at  8 p.m., Turner Network Television  (TNT)  presented "The Secret KGB UFO Files", hosted and narrated  by Roger Moore.
     From TNT site,  we learned that it was a question of  "...special featuring never- before-seen footage of what is believed to be actual crash sites and alien autopsies, first-hand accounts with former  agents  of the KGB  of UFO incidents,  powerful  re-creations  of alien encounters  and first-time interviews with the experts who have seen the documentation and know the truth." 
     The Producers said they acquired 16 mm color film in Russia,  allegedly authentic  KGB film footage from 1969.

Russia.   I was able to begin my research in October  thanks to Gildas Bourdais  who sent me the film from Paris  because he does not like hoaxes, and the footage in question was very suspicious to him.

  Among the experts  we see in the film  are Paul Stonehill,  "author and  head  of Russian Ufology  Reserch  Center",  Antonio Huneeus, George Filer and  Stanton Friedman. 
   Stanton Friedman appeared on the show without loosing his head.
   George Filer didn't swear on the "Filer's Files"  that these crash and autopsy were genuine.
   We know that the statement of Antonio Huneeus was manipulated by the producers. A.Huneeus' position  is clear:  he proved  his seriousness and integrity  in  his  articles  (Fate, January 199 and November 2000).
     "When  the ATI producers showed  George Filer  and me the alleged UFO footage, they did not give  us any details other  than  that  they  had  mysteriously  acquired   it through the Russian black market, and that it was 16 mm color film, circa 1968 or 1969. conclusion is that the much-touted KGB film  is not authentic" (Fate,  January 1999. V. 51, # 1, p.10).
  The only one to defend the footage without reservation was P.Stonehill :
  (Sorry, I have this film in French. I'll be grateful if I receive this passage in English.)
  - ...La nature des uniformes,  c'est assez compliqué  quand on veut réaliser  un film qui ait l'air de sortir des années soixante.  ...J'ai vu pas mal de films  tournés dans les années soixante et celui-là en a pratiquement toutes les caractéristiques. ...Je suis convaincu que le film n'a pas été tourné pour tromper les gens.

The producers included in the film four different sets of footage:
1. The MIG's footage.
2. The crashed disc.
3. The autopsy.
4. Documents and A.Petukhov.

Part One (MIG), totally independent of the others, will be presented in  'Joint USA-CIS...", under construction for the moment. 

  The story begins by the book "UFOs in the USSR" (in Russian). 
     The author is introduced as V.Vereschagin,  whom no one  in the Russian UFO field  had ever heard of. 
     According to this unknown Vereschagin-ibn-TNT's  book UFOs in the USSR , many residents of the Sverdlovsk region had seen UFOs  and an explosion on November 27, 1968. The event was published in the Sverdlovsk newspaper. In the spring of 1969,  farmers in the area of Berezovsky found  strange disc and  contacted  the KGB.  KGB cameramen  filmed  the  site  and  the  troops' activity, and, later, im Moscow, the autopsy of an alien occupant.
  Nobody has been able to even locate a copy of Vereschagin's alleged book, UFOs in the USSR,  in which the story of the crash  is supposedly told.  What we see  is just a jacket.  By the way, this jacket is not typical for our publishers.
     In Russia, there are many Vereschagin  but nobody knows  this one  in connection with the ufology. You can be sure, dear UpDates, that we know every book published in Russia and in Russian, and every person writing serious ufological books. This book does not exist.
    The story of the crash is based on an article published in this newspaper. The full name of the newspaper is not shown. Only a part of the name  is readable and it is "Vecherny",  published by Sverdlovsky Gorkom (town committee  of the Communist Party)  on Friday, November 29, 1968. 
     The National Library is near my home. A.Listratov who knows  many people working  there could check it up immediately. In ten minutes it was clear that the real newspaper is not the same as the newspaper shown in the film. There is no article about UFOs or an explosion. 
     On the other hand,  in November 1998, Notiziario UFO  published a very curious photo of the faked newspaper:
    Idea of Igor... who doesn't want to reveal the country where he is living now.  (I am speaking about this "top hoax secret" Igor in my website in Russian.) Reconstructed by Kutovoy... who is living in Lithuania  and who is famous for sending throughout the world  Stonehill's letters about this nasty Boris Shurinov, "Stalinist", "Anti-Semite", "a gangbanger of ufology". (Stonehill's lie about my "anti-Semitism" is particularly disgusting.  Never in my life  have I seen such meanness.)
     The hoax is copyright... RUFORS... 
     This Kutovoy  is presented by P.Stonehill  as researcher.  I can assure you  that the only thing signed by Kutovoy in his "ufological" life  is this hoax. As far as RUFORS is concerned, it is just the place where Stonehill is publishing his articles. "His"  Yellow Emperor, for example. Beautiful place,  jolly crowd,  indeed. 
     What does it mean, all this story with "copyright"? 
In principle, we could stop here our research. The book doesn't exist, the newspaper is faked, the statement of Antonio Huneeus was manipulated... 
There is nothing to be analysed.

Nevertheless,  I'll continue to mash up the film in it's actual crash
on our honest ufological road.

     March, 1968. We see the edge of an alleged Ural forest. The "saucer" seems to have crashed right on the edge of a forest and a clearing.
     We see two cars and many soldiers with their Kalashnikov held like balalaikas but we can't understand what they are doing. 
     This absurdity was noted in UpDates (15 Sep 1998): "The guards seem to be located in a rather unorganized manner, and pointing their guns almost in any direction..., and even pointing at the apparently higher officers inspecting the object. The guards should preferably be located at some  distance from the object, and also pointing their armed guns in a direction away from the inspectors and investigators..."
(Asgeir Waehre Skavhaug <> To: Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 14:21:38  +0100 Subject: Re: Soviet UFO Crash - TNT KGB files) 

   This remark is to the point. My military experts appreciated the stupidity of the hoaxers.
   The poor military "expert" commenting this part of footage  "doesn't see" the circus with soldiers and speaks  about Kalashnikov.  By the way,  all  the "experts" (military, film, autopsy) have a very difficult  role of experts on something they don't know themselves on what.
     It is known that the winter in Ural is very cold. The cars we see are in summer version, without hood or canvas cover. Why? Because,  for the film-hoax,  it was necessary to show soldiers sitting in these cars. In reality, and especially  in the Army, it is not possible.

P.Stonehill : - ...La nature des uniformes,  c'est assez compliqué  quand on veut réaliser  un film qui ait l'air de sortir des années soixante.  ...J'ai vu pas mal de films tournés dans les années soixante et celui-là en a pratiquement toutes les caractéristiques. (Sorry, I have this film in French. I'll be grateful if I receive this passage in English.)
     He knows nothing, this big expert.  Because one of the biggest inconsistencies is the question of military uniform.  In the film shot in March 1969,  soldiers are in the uniform  introduced  in the Soviet Army  four months later,  in July (Order of  the  Soviet Defense Minister  N 191  from  26th of July 1969  about  new  models  of  uniform  in  the  Soviet  Army).  One  can  understand  that  this uniform  was not  available immediately,  in  one day,  for  everybody.  Even  in 1970  and  in 1971  it was possible to see two  different greatcoats  at the same time: new,  with buttons,  and ancient,  without buttons. 
           1969. Without buttons.                                            1971. Transitional period

   The soldiers must have the soldiers' belts with a belt-buckle like you see above, not the officers'  belts without shining bucle. In Russia, every child knows that very well. However, in the "sensational genuine" footage,  defended by the big expert from Tarzana,  all  the  soldiers have the officers' belts. It's  simply  ridiculous  for every Russian  but  the so-called  expert  from Tarzana doesn't know  that it is a serious  infringement  of the service regulations  and of the drill regulation.
     Two soldiers wear the greatcoats without half-belts, this is striking because it is inadmissible in the army! It is not funny, it is stupid.

The model of greatcoat we see in the film was not in use  in March 1969!  It appeared  in  the  Soviet Army  only with  young men drafted at the end of 1969. 

Nevertheless,  I'll continue to pulverize the film in it's disgraceful crash
on our honest ufological road.

   There is no need to speak about the object we see in the film. If everything  is poorly staged what can we say about this disc?
    From the computer simulation of the crash one would think that the impact would have produced visible traces on the ground. But there are no traces. By the way, what kind of traces  do you want if the disc was made from foam plastic? 
After the first article about the "crash" in Moskovsky Komsomolets-Ural, N 39 (Ekaterinburg, formely  Sverdlovsk)   Olga  Dolgaleva,  from  Gorky  Film  Studio  (Moscow),  visited  the newspaper's editorial office and recounted her adventure to the editorial staff. 


     In the winter 1998,  in Moscow appeared two young Americans  from a TV Company (director and cameraman).
  These Americans said that the purpose of their visit to Moscow  was the shootings  of several  episodes  for an  advertising  roller.  This is how  Olga Dolgaleva  (Gorky Film Studio) was offered  an  "extra work".  Olga knew her job,  it was  a matter of earning a little more money, and Olga agreed. Why not?
     It may seem strange but nobody asked the Americans for what ad were they working? It was of no concern  to the others.  If it was necessary,  it was necessary.  Let us do not forget that the Americans were ready to pay for the work.
     A small team was organized. Olga herself was the assistant of the director.
     “That  winter  was  especially  cold, says Olga,  even  at  the  end  of  February.  The Americans fussed, they wanted to do the job very fast. These boys from Massachusetts were not used to work a long time outdoors.
     The Americans told Dolgaleva of an episode in a wood. It was necessary to choose a place for shooting near Moscow and to find soldiers for one crowd scene. 
     It was very easy. Moscow's filmmakers have their favorite places around the capital.   For instance,  in  Alabino  (near Moscow, 40 minutes  by a suburban train)  there are all conditions for work: beautiful nature, wood, fields. There are many people available for crowd scenes because of the presence  of several military units located around Alabino.
     Soldiers are very good for films: silent, obedient, and robust. In Alabino you can find tanks or even horses. If you want, of course.
  Everything was arranged, the Americans paid an officer and one company of soldiers was ready to become deeply engaged in the search of ET. Olga says the Americans did not pay much, but she does not want to give precise sums.     Olga says the Americans insisted very much that the soldiers should look like soldiers of Air-Defense in 1968. They asked the wardrobe master to choose all uniforms as it was in reality 30 years ago. However, the woman  (the wardrobe master was a woman)  found herself  in a very difficult situation - there was nothing suitable  within easy reach.
  There was a problem even with trousers, and consequently some soldiers remained in camouflage under greatcoats. (As I noted above, Americans said that these episodes were necessary for an advertising roller.  An advertising roller?  If so, then everything  is good. And a very serious error was commited just with greatcoats!)     Literally,  in several meters from the edge of a wood,  the Americans  placed  one disk made from foam plastic. It was windy, the light disk was falling back...
  Olga  Dolgaleva  was  really shocked when she sow  in  the  newspaper one photo  from  film with the comment about the involvement  of  the KGB  in the story with the disk made from foam plastic. 
      This story was published in the well-known newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets-Ural, (11.5.1998 - 11.12.1998).
      BY THE WAY...
"   Needless to say, there would be no problem  buying or renting authentic Soviet era military uniforms  and equipment. The whole thing  could have been put together with a very modest budget by Hollywood standards. 
  I learned more damning information from Argentine UFOlogist  Alex Chionetti,  who has worked in the film and TV distribution business in Los Angeles. Chionetti  knows Associated Television CEO David McKenzie and has done business  with the company. Chionetti is convinced the footage is a hoax, made in Russia but concocted in Hollywood. He said one of the 'former secret agents' was an actor he knew personally  and had seen around the production house." (J.A.Huneeus. UFO Chronicle. Fate. January 1999, V.51, # 1, p.11.)

Remember this name - McKenzie

As we know, Olga Dolgaleva mentioned only two Americans.
I have found their names:

1. Pam
2. Moore
3. Tholstrab
4. O’Leary
5. Mc Kenzie
6. Estrada
7. Mercovitch

This Associated TV team arrived 
in February 26th 
and left Moscow in March 2nd, 1998.

B.Shurinov              A.Huneeus
Read, please,  PART THREE : AUTOPSY of "The AUTOPSY"
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